GEORGIAN “Wine Yard”

This traditional Georgian restaurant offers a great variation of all kind of local food and is named “Wine Yard”, famous for traditional cooking. Definitely you should try the famous Khinkali a filled dumpling with spiced meat, Khachapuri, pancake filled with cheese, Sulguni, salty cheese, Badrijani, aubergine stuffed with walnut and last but not least the famous fresh Georgian tomato/cucumber salad. A great selection of outstanding Georgian wines is completing the offer. You can find the restaurant at the backside of the hotel.

Visiting the “Wine Yard” restaurant you can take part in the processing of Kakhetian vodka, called Chacha and you can bake your own cheese pie “Khachapuri” and/or the traditional Kakhetian long loaves of bread called “Shoti”. Please approach reception staff for more information.