Biking tour to Nekresi Monastir

The Monastir

Nekresi is an ancient monastic complex located on the top of a mountain in the Alazani Valley in Kakheti. Many centuries ago there was once the eponymous city of Nekresi, the ruins of which can be seen from the height of the monastery. The monastery of Nekresi is located in a picturesque place, right on top of the mountain, offering magnificent views of the Alazani Valley. To reach the monastery, you must overcome a steep 3 km climb up the mountain but for the sake of visiting this ancient shrine, no obstacles are terrible. Where else, if not here, can you touch the centuries-old history of Georgia?


Your bike tour

After breakfast you will receive your bike of the day and depart around 09.00 AM from the hotel. You are leaving the city of Kvareli and enter the narrow bridge over the Duruji River. From here you go to the Ilias Lake and you can bike around it. The road to the Monastir is surrounded by vineyards and fruit yards. Arriving at ground station of the Monastir you park your bikes and have the opportunity to go by minivan or walk up to the hill where you will find this impressive complex with great views.  



The price per person is 20,00 Euro (about 65,00 GEL) inclusive bike rent, tour description, lunch box.

Not included is the minivan ride up to the Monastir for about 2 GEL (about 0,70 Euro cent).



Duration of the tour: one day

Total distance: 25 kilometers (including one circle around the Ilias Lake

Difficulty level: middle