Hiking tour # 1 - Tsikhisjvari and the river Bursa Valley

Tsikhisjvari and the river Bursa Valley

 Complication level 3 on a scale of 5


0800 - Participants will go by car to Kvareli Lake where they will meet with the guides that give the specific information about the trip.

0900 - 1200 - All will walk up to the fortress Tsikhisjvari on the right side of the mountain from Kvareli Lake. The group can burn candles in the cathedral of the fortress (the priest will pray for the team members and will sing some religious chants. It is expected that pay some small money for this), pilgrimage the cathedral, followed by a light snack and walk down the mountain.

1200 Transport by car to the river Bursa valley.

1300 Picnic at the river bank in the forest.

1400 Participants will walk up the river Bursa valley against the river stream. The mountain path goes across the river bank and rocky slopes. The rout is moderately difficult but you need not to have special physical condition and can overcome any person without any physical trainings. The group will walk in the primitive/wild nature in biodiversity and ecologically clean environment. Everybody will enjoy the stunningly beautiful landscape where the flora and fauna are still untouched and wild.   


1700 Together with the guides participants will make a fire and roast the sirloin/pork fillet for dinner. The menu also includes: boiled chicken with garlic and walnut souse, khachapuri, salads with walnut, shoti puri( Georgian long loaf) and sheep cheese, khashlama (boiled beef) with sauce of crushed garlic and salt , tabaka (fried chicken), \"Kindzmarauli\" red semisweet wine \"Vedza\", mineral water from the Duruji valley, coffee, tea and Kada (Kakhetian pastry).

2100Transport back to the hotel

Number of participants

Price in GEL

Price in Euro

4 - 9



10 - 19



20 and up