Hiking tour # 2 – The Kakheti villages

The Kakheti villages

Complication level 3 on a scale of 5

0800 Participants will go by car drive to the village Shilda. Near the bridge of the river Chelti, meeting with the guides that give the specific information about the trip.

0900 The group of the day will walk to the west, pass the village Sabue, walk down to the village Almati, and continue to the south to reach the village Gremi.

1300 Excursion + wine tasting and dinner in vinery “Temi” .     

1400 The participants will continue by car and enter the Grdzelichala wood, where they meet the guides who will give the specific information about the trip.

1500 Together with the guides participants will visit the very small mountain villages-Gedzelichala, Merknisceri, Khevghurma and after drive down the village Lapankuri.

1900 Picnic. 

2000 Drive back to the hotel “Chateau Kvareli”.  

Number of participants


Price in GEL

Price in Euro

4 -9






20 and up