Our Restaurants

The hotel in combination with the wine cellar has three restaurants including the “Kisi Lobby Bar” with snacks menu, international “King Levan Restaurant” in the basement and a traditional Georgian restaurant “Wine Yard” at the premises of the wine cellar. Of course you can combine in each restaurant excellent food with outstanding wines. In the summer you can enjoy the cozy terrace in front of the hotel. It’s also possible to order a meal at your room.

The Kisi Lobby bar is a cozy place next to the reception where you can enjoy great meals, but also snacks like pizza, Kisi Burger and club sandwich. Of course you find salads and pastas on the menu. A restaurant with such a close connection with a wine producer offers naturally a big choice of excellent white, rose and red wines in different varieties. Our friendly staff will happily advise you.

The King Levan restaurant is in the basement of the hotel building and named after Levan, also known as Leon (1503–1574), and he was the King of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 1518/1520 to 1574. He presided over the most prosperous and peaceful period in the history of the Kingdom of Kakheti. As peaceful his Kingdom was, also the restaurant with his name is an authentic and peaceful place. The wooden furniture is locally hand made by experienced craftsman. The menu is a combination of well-known international dishes and Georgian and Kakheti specialties. Our staff helps you with your wine choice.

This traditional Georgian restaurant offers a great variation of all kind of local food and is named “Wine Yard”, famous for traditional cooking. Definitely you should try the famous Khinkali a filled dumpling with spiced meat, Khachapuri, pancake filled with cheese, Sulguni, salty cheese, Badrijani, aubergine stuffed with walnut and last but not least the famous fresh Georgian tomato/cucumber salad. A great selection of outstanding Georgian wines is completing the offer. You can find the restaurant at the backside of the hotel.

Visiting the “Wine Yard” restaurant you can take part in the processing of Kakhetian vodka, called Chacha and you can bake your own cheese pie “Khachapuri” and/or the traditional Kakhetian long loaves of bread called “Shoti”. Please approach reception staff for more information.