Hotel Chateau Kvareli has a number of great meetings rooms for companiesorganizing meetings/seminars for staff or clients. It could be for a new product presentation, introduction of future company plans, team building and/or training or schooling of employees.

Only two hours away from Tbilisi is a perfect place to organize such event. Hotel Chateau Kvareli is based in a beautiful natural surrounding and offers perfect accommodation to hold your meetings. Away from the daily hassle and away from familiar environment, to concentrate in full on the important company issues.

Our hotel has comfortable double and single rooms with all modern facilities, meetings space for your get-togethers and equipment for technical support of your seminar.

Hotel Chateau Kvareli offers also activities to relax and enjoy. A wine tour at the Kinzmarauli winery in the back of the hotel is included, inclusive wine tasting as part of the program. But we can also take care of physical team-building activities like biking or hiking. So Hotel Chateau Kvareli offers a mix of serious meetings and joyful leisure in order to have the perfect company reunion.





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